Parenting Service Providers

Parenting Connection WA (PCWA) operates on a state-wide model to provide a consistent service approach to all parents and caregivers across WA, adapted to local needs with a focus on collaboration and partnership.

This approach connects and supports parents, caregivers, and their children across WA with a customised suite of services to meet locally identified parenting priorities.

We work closely with Child and Parent Centres (CPCs) and family centres in relevant locations, ensuring that parenting needs across the broader local region are being met.

We acknowledge that parents and caregivers are the experts on the services and support which best meet their needs and welcome their involvement.

We welcome the involvement of parents and caregivers in service delivery and design. In co-designing parenting education, we:

Tailor each group to respond to the unique needs and learning styles of the parents and caregivers attending

Acknowledge and build on the groups’ existing strengths and experiences and encourage shared learning

Provide opportunities for reflection and skill building throughout the program

Acknowledge the changing role of parents and caregivers as the child develops from birth through to independence

Create opportunities for parents and caregivers to connect and support each other within their communities

Local service providers can apply for Parenting Capacity Funding to run relevant services in partnership with PCWA via the Parenting Partnership Coordinator in their area.

A Local Area Partnership Group (LAPG), comprised of local parents and caregivers, community members and service provider representatives guide the distribution of funding.

Local service providers can contact their local Parenting Partnership Coordinator to obtain a copy of the Guidelines for Application and Parenting Capacity Fund Application.