Parenting Connection WA (PCWA) delivers high-quality, evidence-based, locally connected parenting services across most of Western Australia.

We operate on a state-wide model to provide a consistent service approach to parents and caregivers across WA, adapted to local needs with a focus on collaboration and partnership. This approach connects and supports parents, caregivers and their children across WA with a customised suite of universal and targeted services to meet locally identified priorities.

A Local Parenting Partnership Coordinator in each region works with the local community to deliver services to parents and caregivers. Parenting Partnership Coordinators come from a variety of backgrounds including community development and social services, and are trained in the Centre for Community Child Health (CCCH) / Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) Platforms framework. Platforms framework training assists Parenting Partnership Coordinators to help communities refocus services for children and families, and strengthen the capacity of communities to promote positive outcomes for children.

A Local Area Partnership Group (LAPG) provides advice and guidance to the local operations of PCWA. PCWA build on existing services, and work closely with Child and Parent Centres in relevant locations and existing local parenting networks such as the Early Years Networks, ensuring that parenting needs across the broader local region are being met and duplication avoided.
The following principles form the basis of the collaborative partnership between consortium members Anglicare WA and Ngala, sub-contractors and Capacity Fund Partners.




We participate fully with the shared purpose of making quality parenting services available across Western Australia.


We recognise the value that all partners bring to the table and this is reflected in our service planning and decision making.


Our partnership is built upon a commitment to transparency in all of our dealings. We value open communication and trust in our relationships.


We acknowledge the independence and autonomy of each partner and believe that by working together we can achieve more.

Outcome focus

We remain focussed on enabling the best outcomes for the recipients of our services.


We strive for continual improvement in the services we offer and the systems in which we work.


We embrace diversity by acknowledging, valuing and working with differences in beliefs, attitudes, skills, experience and ideas.


Our services respond to the unique needs of the people who need them.


As partners we are all responsible for the success of the collaboration.


We are committed to overcoming obstacles and challenges in the achievement of our goals.

Cultural Competence and Security

We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the traditional owners of the land we call Western Australia. We recognise the importance of cultural differences across our regions and are committed to partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations to achieve the most optimal self-determined outcomes for Aboriginal families and communities.