Parenting Connection WA (PCWA) provides a range of universal and tailored evidence-based, locally relevant, FREE sessions, groups and information for all parents and caregivers with children from birth to 18 years. PCWA services include:

  • Parenting education workshops around engaging with children and teens, managing more than one child, transitioning to school, positive youth mental health, toileting, bedtime battles, morning routines, and protective behaviours
  • Parenting programs such as Circle of Security and Tuning into Kids or Teens
  • Parenting information sessions
  • Individual parenting consultations
  • Parenting support and playtime groups, where parents and caregivers meet weekly to stay, chat and learn
  • Education for professionals to support parents and caregivers
  • Engagement with Local Area Partnership Groups and agencies
  • Community information and resources
  • Events that raise awareness of healthy child development through positive parenting

For a list of parenting sessions and workshops in your local area visit our parenting sessions page.