It’s been a tough year for a number of families in the Binjareb (Peel) region with a recent helicopter accident in Broome that deeply impacted the communities of both Falcon and the wider Mandurah area and the tragic loss of a student at Riverside through a truck accident, left great sadness in many hoomes and both parents and children grieving the loss of both friends and family members.

Parenting Connection’s Peel team reached out to Maggie Dent asking for ideas and her support. She very generously gifted a free webinar focusing on Death and Dying – Dealing with Grief and Loss Through the Eyes of Child along with a workbook for young people to people impacted all offered to the families in the community.

Over 20 people watched the webinar live and over 100 families requested the link and had this available for the month following.

Further support had been offered by PCWA to provide additional parenting sessions to families and feedback from the surveys returned by families.