We understand that entertaining your children during the school holidays requires plenty ideas and imagination. Here is a list of things that can help you make the most of the holidays:

Get kids in the kitchen

There are many fun recipes you could try in your cooking projects. They will love enjoying the end product!

Grow a herb garden

Growing herbs is a great way to teach children about nature. They will be delighted to learn that they can grow many of the herbs that you use to cook dinner.

Schedule swim time

Swimming enables children to improve essential skills such as balance, posture, coordination and concentration. There are plenty of local pools in WA, alternatively you could also venture out to the beach!

Bug hunt in the backyard/park

Local parks are a wonder world for bugs and children alike. Their hunting will lead to adventures and imaginative play.

Have an arts and craft day

Your child can use everyday objects and recycled items for art and craft. Here are some ideas to get your child started:

  • Use empty kitchen paper rolls or small plastic bottles to make a puppet person or animal. Your child can decorate it with markers, stickers, scrap papers, fabric and other crafty bits.
  • Use natural material. For example, go on a nature walk to collect fallen leaves. Your child can use these to draw, paste onto paper, or dip into paint.
  • Find a very large cardboard box and let your child decorate it using crayons, paints and other decorations. It could be a house, boat, cave and so on. You could help your child cut out windows or doors.
  • Make binoculars by taping two empty toilet rolls together. Tape on a strap on either side. Then your child can explore the garden with her new binoculars.
  • Thread small plastic lids, patty pan cases or pasta tubes onto string to make jewellery. This might be a good activity for older toddlers.

Movie marathon

From classics to Disney favourites, there is plenty of choice to enjoy movie time with your loved ones.

Have a picnic

Enjoy a living room picnic or take the fun out into the backyard or even a park if you are able to do so.

DIY science experiments

Science experiments are fun learning games that will delight any child. Watching how the world works is much more fun when it’s something you’ve created yourself.

We hope you have enjoyed these ideas but also remember that you do not need to entertain them every minute of the school holidays – boredom is good for children. It promotes resilience and they learn to think more creatively which helps their problem-solving skills.