Parenting Connection WA is a collaboration between Anglicare WA and Ngala that formed in 2017 to deliver parenting knowledge and skills across most of Western Australia. Anglicare WA utilises the local expertise of Wanslea to deliver services in the Goldfields and Great Southern.

Our programs are funded by the Department of Communities.

Drawing on Ngala’s 130 years of parenting experience; Anglicare WA’s impressive state wide services and Wanslea’s 75+ years of service to the community, PWCA delivers a range of localised parenting support sessions Western Australia.

We’ve been awarded nine regions across the state to provide services; Gascoyne, Goldfields, Great Southern, Kimberley, Midwest, Peel, Inner and North West Metro, South West, and Wheatbelt. Anglicare WA service four regions, Ngala service three regions, with Wanslea sub-contracted to deliver services in two of the regions.

We are guided by a Strategic Advisory Group, comprised of representatives from leading WA parenting and child research organisations: